It works independently of any other equipment therefore the cost of the extractor is substantially lower than even the most basic entry level extraction devices.
The Reel Easy Extractor is Designed to be Affordable, Efficient, and Fast for the Hobby Beekeeper!

It is Efficient, while you get the Honey, the bees get their comb back INTACT! This allows the Bees to be work more efficiently for you by filling up the comb with more honey, not spending unnecessary time rebuilding honey comb!

Remember, a HOBBY Beekeeper does this on the side, generally for fun, if you had 20 or 30 hives you could justify a more costly method of honey extraction. Once you establish your work area, and understand the force at which honey will be separated from the comb, you can extract honey from your hive in minutes! It Processes both Sides of 2 Frames in about 5 Minutes! The Extraction Process of a 10 Frame Honey Super will take you about ONE HOUR OR LESS!
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