DEFINED: A Centrifuge Reel that operates like your clothes washer to extract honey!

It operates under same principle as the common extractors, it is a Reel which by definition is to go around and around, in the process it uses centrifugal force to separate the Honey from the Comb.

Extracting Honey can be CHALLENGING! You can cut out comb, mash it, hold it at awkward angles for days at a time, melt and separate it, etc, etc. In the end you have a messy, wasteful, and destructive outcome!

Extracting Honey with The Reel Easy Extractor will improve upon any of these results!

"GREAT extractor! Very well made and really works!"

Randy F.
(North Carolina)

"Had extremely good results, doing a few supers at a time, it came out perfect!! Only took about 20 minutes per super.
You need to purchase a deep bucket to do the process in. We bought a new 30 gal. galvanized garbage can and washed it thoroughly. That was deep enough to keep the honey from slinging over the side. Had no problems. This year I will put holes in the bottom of garbage can and sit it over a 5 gal. bucket with a strainer on top and valve on bottom. All I will have to do then is open valve and fill jars. I had fun using it. "

Sam R.

"I have only spun a few frames in my new garbage can which I added a tap at the bottom and it works well. I was using a gravity extractor before sold by and while it worked it left about ½ of the honey in the frames and took about 3 days. Your extractor is perfect for someone like myself with 2 hives and does this for a hobby and to pollinate the vegetable garden."

Tony W.

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